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Champions promoting growth and development

Pioneer Homing Society (affiliated to WDHU) is a club on a mission to promote and develop the pigeon racing sport within its community. One such initiative has seentheir 2016 Champion, Nazeem Marlie and their runner-up, Riyaad Najaar, breed from their very...

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WDHU – The start of our season 2017

They say time flies when you are having fun and in the blink of an eye 18 races have passed. The Western Cape is currently in the grips of the worst drought in decades, yet ironically the races have been wet and windy. So what can we say about it and how...

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2017 Results

Please note that all unions in the Western Cape are welcome to email the webmaster for publication of their union race results. FBHU 001 Laingsburg 002 Laingsburg 003 Leeugamka 004 Shutherland 005 Beaufort West 006 Victoria West 007 Leeugamka 008 Brits Town 009 Brits...

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Notule van SANPO Algemene Jaarvergadering

11.Presidents report: (Mr. Fadiel Hendricks – SANPO President) Esteemed Members of SANPO Welcome to the Annual General Meeting. Many thanks to all of you for taking time off your hectic and busy schedules to attend today’s Annual meeting. Special thanks to Mr. Shane...

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