I would like to describe EB, as he is affectionately known to us in the Federated Board of Homing Unions where he is currently racing his birds, as being one of those fanciers who comprise the solid backbone of our sport. He is a popular member of the Wynberg Union being always available for advice and help and if there is any work to be done be it at club, Union or Board level you can be sure of him being involved. He is a true sportsman and a fancier who is always working for the good of the sport in general.

How did he get started? I am always interested in finding out how fanciers first became involved in pigeon racing and this was about the first question to be put to this enthusiastic and pleasant fancier. It all started one day when he picked up a pigeon with a broken wing at his home and decided to nurture it back to health. In doing this EB unknowingly kindled a love for pigeons that brought him into contact with some of his old school friends who were actively involved in pigeon racing at that time. From then on there was no way of stopping him and thus a partnership with one of his mates was formed that blossomed up to this day nearly four years on.

In the short space of only a few years a collection of top class breeders were obtained both local and international which can be seen on his website www.emohamedloft.co.za. Just by going through the pedigrees of the birds acquired I immediately become aware that here we have someone with his mind set on building a family of racers that will in years to come compete and be successful with the best that is on offer.

A mountainous amount of research is done and nothing is left to chance in the care of his pigeons. Feed is of the best and the nutritional aspect of every feed used are researched and then only implemented. Medication is given and then only when needed but all the basics are done at the start of breeding or racing. Just by looking at the birds and the vitality on display when exercising or on entering the loft you get the feeling that here is a fancier that is really on top of his game.

The aim of most fanciers is to win long distance races and their dreams is to capture one of the classics. You may win a handful l of first prizes in races under four hundred kilometers, but in twelve months it has all been forgotten. On the other hand if you achieve something in a race around six hundred to eight hundred kilometers , the mark is indelible. You remember forever how the bird was bred, how it was trained, in what condition it was basketed and above all the glorious fulfillment experienced when it arrived home. In talking to Ebraheem I acutely became aware that this is where his real passion lies and therefore I firmly put him into the bracket with all the fanciers past and present that were true long distance champions. With all the hype around the start of this season, the training, special attention to weight and the special tonics to make the sprint candidates go faster E.Mohamed is biding his time with his candidates for the classics later in the season. A wise decision by someone that barely shed his novice status and one that surely will pay dividends later in the season.

To view any of his results visit www.emohamedloft.co.za