Nearing the end of my career as a racing pigeon enthusiast and actively participating in the sport for many decades bring to mind so many pleasant memories that I would not hesitate to do it afresh if given the chance to start all over again. The Federated Board of Homing Unions which is the home of pigeon racing for so many fanciers from different backgrounds has come a long way since its inception when the only means of transport was by rail to all the liberation points. Basketing  and ring-outs took place at many different venues which was not a problem during those far off years as the cost of living were such that a portion of a working man’s wage could be afforded to race his birds.

To make comparisons between the cost of racing pigeons during those early years and what it amounts to presently leaves one breathless and hard to believe. Yet even with the high cost of racing today fanciers find it so easy to spend astronomical amounts of money to purchase birds, be it at auctions sanctioned by their own organizations or elsewhere. The question I keep on asking myself is what   happens to the money spent at these auctions, I am sure a few if at all any ponders this important aspect. In today’s circumstances everybody expects a return on whatever amount are forked out which is to be understood as the cost of living nowadays sort of forces it on us. It is a fact that nothing worthwhile in life comes cheap or without sacrifice, so let us do it now in order to reap the benefits in years to come.

Dear reader I invite you kindly to just think of how racing and it includes basketing and ring-outs were during those far off years. If you’re younger I’m sure you would have heard from the older folks that there’s not much of a difference between then and now. We still travel to different venues which must be booked beforehand and the cost that goes with it digs deep into the coffers of our organization. Just imagine that over a period of ten years how much it actually would be. Is it not time to start thinking of our own headquarters and in so doing leaving behind a legacy that the generations to come can proudly build upon? It is my opinion that unfortunately we in the FBHU stagnated in this regard, the time has come that we as members of this great organization must put on our thinking caps and find ways and means to kick start an effort in acquiring our own home. Money is hard to come by, but I also know that our members are ingenious in solving obstacles in their way. Thus I challenge every FBHU member to channel their thoughts and efforts in making this dream come true. Lets’ not be selfish but combine in one great effort in establishing our own headquarters this amazing organization so richly deserves.