Good morning to all entrants.

If you have been wondering why you never received much information after HS2 I can tell you that I was out of action due to a Kidney Stone that needed to come out. I am not sure what is more daunting, passing a Kidney Stone or been involved in a One Loft Race.

Anyway the stone is out and HS 2 and HS 3 are now also in the past.

On HS 2 we actually had 2 x First places as the pigeon of At Visser walked in without scanning. The pigeon was caught and scanned in the 4th place. We will award the same prize monies to the winner and to At Visser as it is the correct way to do it. We have since replaced the antenna where we thought the problem might be and we have had no missed scans again.

Hotspot 2 Results:

Rank Fancier Pigeon Speed Winnings
1 Engelke R P BDU D 14 4200 1131.10   R 2000, Medal, Trophy
2 Campher Danie OPCEB 14 0586 1131.01   Free entry, Medal
3 Carelsen Andre ZA 15 08633 1130.94   Free entry, Medal
4 Visser A C NRHU 14 06421 1117.44   R 2 000, Medal, Trophy
5 Shooter Kevin WRRPA 14 02184 1102.51   Free entry, Medal
6 de Jager R L FB 14 22307 1102.27  Free Entry, Medal
7 ROBERTS R G OP 14 16062 1101.36  Medal
8 Willoughby J SP 14 5553 1101.30  Medal
9 O Kelly Egbert GPU 14 11202 1101.08  Medal
10 Mills Andre WYNLAND 14 5786 1100.75  Medal

Then we headed to Hotspot 3 and it was strange weather. When you have the high clouds and a sort of haze in the air then Cape Town is a dangerous place to be racing pigeons.

The pigeons were liberated at 07h00 at Prince Albert Road and the first 150 pigeons returned very well. The late comers also looked fantastic and were not tired upon arrival. So where they went is a mystery to me. As I write this report we have a total of 271 pigeons returned and I am sure a few more will still arrive.

Hotspot 3 Results:

  Hotspot 3 – Prince Albert Road – 02 October 2015
1 Loots Andre 1,332.77 R 2000, Medal, Trophy
2 Jagga Nico 1,332.57 Free entry, Medal
3 Basson Coenie 1,332.50 Free entry, Medal
4 Bredenhand J EN Viljoen 1,332.35 Free entry, Medal
5 Kader Amed 1,332.10 Free entry, Medal
6 de Jager R L 1,332.09 Medal
7 Gaddin and Stander 1,331.94 Medal
8 Tonie en Rassie 1,331.83 Medal
9 Tonie en Rassie 1,331.62 Medal
10 Penkin Saville 1,330.61 Medal


Team Competition

We have 42 teams in the team competition and we will place the current standings on the website soonest. It seems to be a very interesting competition and Fanie enjoys holding this competition.

2015 Prize Giving

We have booked the same venue as last year for the prize giving and that is scheduled for the 30 October 2015, which is a Friday evening. We enjoyed meeting all the entrants last year and this year we will try and reach the same standard as the previous year. We are scratching our heads as to whom we can invoice as a guest speaker and we ask that if you are aware of someone that will suit the occasion please let us know so that we can try and arrange such.

Given that we are having the prize giving on the 30th we are under pressure to complete the series in time. We will however have a 500km final, weather permitting, as some fanciers have indicated that they would prefer such especially as they want those front runners that may come up on Auction.


Fanie, Gert and Robert