The President SANPO

Mr Hendricks
Please see letter from Dr Pypers confirming the need to vaccinate pigeons against Newcatsle disease virus specifically. (See Column 4 In red)

Pigeon fanciers are welcome to contact me directly if they want to discuss this further.

Dr Botha (BVSc)

Animal disease  



Susceptible animals Controlled veterinary act to be performed in respect of-
Susceptible animals Contact animals Infected animals
1 2 3 4 5 6
Newcastle disease Highly contagious viral disease caused by avian paramyxovirus 1 (velogenic or mesogenic) strains that cause or have the potential to cause severe disease characterised by respiratory distress, greenish diarrhoea, occasionally nervous symptoms and high mortality. Poultry and birds All fowls, domesticated ostriches and racing pigeons in the Republic shall be immunised and kept immunised by the responsible person with an efficient remedy according to the manufacturer’s instructions for use thereof Contact animals shall be isolated and immunised by the responsible person with an efficient remedy Infected animals shall be isolated and be destroyed or dealt with as determined by the directo


Controlled diseases are managed according to the regulations prescribed by the Animal Diseases Act (Act 35 of 1984).