Attendance: – Fadiel Hendricks: SANPO President
Geert Philips: Secretary FCI
Dirk Schreel: Vice President KBDB and President Sports Committee FCI
Celestine Donough (Facilitator)
Willem van Wyk

The SANPO Delegation met the FCI members after facilitation by Celestine The SANPO President and Mister van Wyk defined and outlined the questions from SASCOC and the discussion transpired as follows:-.

1. Membership status of SANPO: – The FCI stated that SANPO has not paid any FCI membership fees for three years and was therefore not a member, up until it has now been paid. SANPO also did not attend any of the FCI meetings since 2013. There is a short meeting scheduled for October and another full meeting for January 2017. They recommend that SANPO attend these meetings. They conceded that an African Chapter of the FCI may be necessary and stated that Angola has a couple of fanciers which require assistance.

2. E-Rings: – The FCI only test clocks. They do not prescribe to any country about opening or closing of CAN’s or locking clocks against other E-rings. These aspects are the individual country’s prerogative. The Belgians has developed an Electronic system “Standard” document which they provided and promote that SANPO need to adopt with some changes for the South African scenario. The previous document about the issues on the E-Rings and Clocks was handed to the FCI Secretary and he stated he will inquire as to why there was no response to the letter

3. Life Rings: The FCI took note of the SANPO tender and state that they can possibly assist with Bulk Buy options. As soon as the results of the tender is available, SANPO must provide it to the FCI, in order for them to determine if the prices are realistic and in line with the best they can obtain. Johan to mail the life ring tender to them. The FCI , will decide in October 2016 if all life rings will be bought via the FCI , or directly from FCI approved suppliers, as their will be a new standard for Life rings. There is also a strong recommendation tostandardise the letters on the life rings to the German standard as the future central database cannot cater for all the letters on the RSA rings. To this effect they promote that we keep the ZA but add for example, 01 for Gauteng, 02 for Western Cape, etc., with a following two number digit for every district in a Province. The number sequence will then be delineated as follows: – ZA 00001 2017 01-01. They also promote that we supply a string of rings and register them as special rings and NOT add letters to the rings to effect a specific designation.

4. List of Approved ETS Systems: – They do have a list and will provide it, SANPO need to request it.

5. List of Doping Agents: – A new list has been developed and a hardcopy has been provided to SANPO.

6. Central Database: – They promote that SANPO also adopt the central database that they use in Belgium and Germany. Celestine stated that he will assist SANPO as required, but that it has an administrative burden on the various federations which need to be accepted first. He has promoted these concepts to SANPO four years ago, but it was not considered. The central data base is owned by an Irish Company and was developed on behalf of the Irish Company in South Africa. The name of the Owner of the data base is www.wprol.com.

7. DNA Mapping: – The Gnome Mapping of Pigeons was apparently done in total in Germany and Celestine will determine if the information can be acquired and shared. Celestine also recommended that SANPO need to explore and develop its International relations, and see if any issues they faced are similar to that of other countries and access the solutions before embarking on its own course to resolve these issues.

8. Transporters: -There is new research available for conveyers and transporters and Celestine will see if he can provide it to SANPO.

9. Long Distance flying: – The FCI can never determine for a member country which distances can be flown as it is the country’s own prerogative. The example utilised was to state that Romania is flying yearling birds for races longer than 900 km to 1200 km week after week for up to nine weeks.

In conclusion the discussion ended in an amicable frame of reference and Celestine indicated that Mister Geert Philips, will come again to South Africa, and if SANPO can coordinate the visit with SANPO’s meetings, that more elaborate explanations of what is available and how specific processes work, can be supplied.