Reminiscing about occurrences past and present can really be traumatic or uplifting when looking back on life’s journey. Yes history teaches us many lessons, be it on the negative or positive side. Certainly one are aware of trends, doesn’t matter if it’s for the better or otherwise. Looking back at my personal experiences dating back for many years bring many vivid memories to the fore, many of them moulding me into who I am today. Practicing and living pigeon racing in the F.B.H.U the home of my passion, I’ve seen and lived through so many phases in the existence of this wonderful organization that I will do it all over again if given the opportunity.

I joined the F.B.H.U in 1970 but during those years running this organization was hugely different to what it is today. Membership totals were in excess of eight hundred and remember those years most fanciers were ordinary working folk having very little time to attend to their birds. Most of them without any means of transport to and from meetings, basketing or ringouts. The distances fanciers had to travel just to be part of the sport in the Board were immense. With all the adversity of then the officials at the helm of this organization diligently and without the tools and means of this modern era managed and to a certain degree kept a steady ship. At times meetings were chaotic, mistrust in officials was the order of the day, members had personal agendas and all of this came out in meetings. The folk in leading positions had to be strong of character and they succeeded admirably in keeping the F.B.H.U afloat for generations to come. Those far-off years thought patterns were different, the older folk had their own understanding of how things should be done and you as a novice had to be aware of not going against their wishes or believes. But what pigeon racing in the Board managed to do was to keep those folk together and unwittingly laid the foundation for what the Board is today, a strong and transparent organization catering for the needs of those that love pigeon racing. To a certain extent the leadership of the past was authoritarian in the day to day running of the Board due to the fact that open dialogue were frowned upon and for that reason new ideas and general positive input were seldom heard or put on the table. With the changing of the guard through the years I am glad to say matters slowly changed for the better as those in charge became better skilled in what they were doing.    

Lately more of our younger generation are putting up their hands in willingness to assist in making the Board more streamlined and that in itself is a tremendous boost to the betterment of the F.B.H.U. Modern times has its own obstacles especially the ever rising cost of racing and feeding our birds, the interest of the S.P.C.A in our sport and aligning ourselves to the rules and regulations of our National Governing body, certainly no easy task but the upward trend is there for all to see. With fresh blood new methods and positive ideas, we are changing with the times and I’m glad to say the Federated Board do have a huge reservoir of talent to tap from. Just listening to the positive comments on the recent annual general meeting of 2016 is enough to know that we are heading upwards and that is enough to put many a mind at peace. Looking at our history and where we come from it is clear that transition into a more efficient organization is taking place and the Federated Board with its diversity is the place to be.