We thank these officials for flying the WDHU flag high and with distinction.
Race Secretary – Mr U R Smith has fulfilled the role for many years now with absolute distinction. With a wealth of experience and expertise and an absolute passion to one day leave our beloved sport in a better state than he found it, Ulric’s work ethic and his track record for accuracy, reliability, honesty and integrity leave us asmembers extremely proud to have him.

“A well run union is the key to a successful union”
Treasurer – Mr N Marlie takes care of our financial administration responsibilities in a very professional manner with integrity, commitment and passion – all of which are evident in the wonderful manner in which our income and expense statements are drafted each year. He constantly strives to financially grow our organisationwith us themembers inmind.

Chairman – Mr C Fortuin avails himself willingly to represent our organisation at any time without any hesitation. Nothing is ever too much trouble and he works tirelessly to ensure that things run smoothly. His passion and commitment is based purely on his love of our sport.

Secretary – Mr S Onia quietly and efficiently gets the job done. A man who loves to stick to procedures and protocols, he keeps WDHU on track by being the first to remind us about the principles embodied in our Constitution and how we should conduct our business accordingly. What a pleasure to have a man of his calibre in the role.

We thank these officials who play such pivotal roles and contribute in the largest part to the success of WDHU in providing members the enjoyment this great sport has to offer.