Pioneer Homing Society (affiliated to WDHU) is a club on a mission to promote and develop the pigeon racing sport within its community.

One such initiative has seentheir 2016 Champion, Nazeem Marlie and their runner-up, Riyaad Najaar, breed from their very best and provide babies to fellow members who fared less well during the 2016 season.

On the left Jaden Arenas is pictured receiving one of the babies from Mr Marlie. It was a wonderful moment as Jaden is the only junior in the club and in the union and he will surely be greatly encouraged by this as he strives to develop and improve during the 2017 season.

Mr Marlies states: “the babies that I bred were off my two Sun City cocks and one was bred off my Wegge hen that bred two federation winners already – she was also a good racer for me”.

Jaden states :“I felt very good about the babies because Mr Marlie is a top fancier at the club and everyone agrees that Mr Marlie has top class pigeons.

I also want to thank R De Wet, Ella Lofts, A Hine and Mr Onia for all that they taught me through my first season”. What a fantastic testimony to the team spirit towards growth that prevails in PHS and WDHU!!!!!

On the left Mr Najaar is pictured with one of the babies he donated as part of this initiative.

This initiative was the brainchild of Shiraz Onia, a passionate PHS member and WDHU secretary. True to his selfless nature he is always looking for ways to promote the sport. He states: “this will most definitely boost our members’ confidence for the 2017 season. We intend requesting this initiative to be carried through to union level in the near future”.

Should you wish to know more you may contact him on 082 452 5718. Should you require any further information related to this article, please contact Ashley Lakey on 083 462 8182 or