The partnership MS Karriem & Jacobs have been crowned WDHU Champions for 2017. Their achievements this year include:
10th overall in SWPC Combine,
WDHU All Bird Champions,
WDHU 1st Bird Champions,
WDHU Short Distance Champions,
WDHU Long Distance Champions,
Pioneer Homing Society Champions,
Winner of the following 5 Federations: Victoria West A – YB 15/7/17 Victoria West B – OB 15/7/17 Britstown B – OB 29/7/17 Theunissen 25/8/17 Kimberley 30/9/17

I visited the loft of our Champions to go and see for myself the birds that thrashed WDHU this year and to try to learn a few secrets to their success. I was immediately told that they do not regard themselves as “champions” but rather as students of this sport and they never stop learning. Learning emerged as a strong theme in the interview.