Good morning to all entrants.

Well the rain has cleared and the pigeons are circling. We have had a visit from our local hawk who came fro lunch a few days back.

At the moment we have 518 pigeons in the loft, after homing all the pigeons. We will be circling the pigeons in the afternoon as in the morning we have plenty of training packs running directly over the lofts. If we have the pigeons out at this time it may result in some losses or some extra pigeons trapping at the loft.

The pigeons have been examined by the good Doctor and swabs were sent to the Pathologist to ensure that the health of the pigeons is 100%.

We treated according to the results and the pigeons are looking really good. In the morning it sounds like a bee-hive in the loft which indicates good health.

As we now have an actual inventory count we will begin sending out statements via email for the payment of the pigeons in the loft.

Hotspot 1 is scheduled for 19 July 2015 and carries the prize money of R 10 000 for the winner. Although the chances are that the pigeons will arrive in large batches everyone has the same chance of winning.

Fanie is happy, the pigeons are happy and we trust that all entrants will remain happy for the competition.

The best of luck to all entrants. May it be a great competition for the pigeons.


Fanie, Gert and Robert