So you might have noticed that WCPR has been down over the past two weeks, and no we not following a trend so don’t worry. Behind the scenes we’ve been hard at work to bring you some extra functionality which includes the ability to comment on post and have some type of discussion if you wish.

We’ve also included an automated online auction which will enable us to accommodate certain requests we have had in the past.

Due to the amount of emails we received I had to publish the website (put it back online) even though most of the work is far from done. We are giving special attention to the results page as we are aware that this is the most important aspect with regards to information this time of year. Over the next few weeks we will continue to make changes to the layout and overall structure so please be patient with us.

Please feel free to leave a suggestion if you have an idea how we could improve further and for those who want to give it a go at writing an article please do so, we always in need of fresh content.

Please note that when registering (registering is needed to comment) to supply your name and surname and use your name or surname as nickname in the required field. This will encourage only constructive feedback and no negative comments as we want a discussion platform that is both constructive and pleasant. If you have registered before reading this notice you can log back in and update your profile (name and surname) as it only takes a few seconds.

Yours in sport
UW Richter