Good afternoon to all entrants

State vet gives permission to circle the pigeons
The State Vet has given permission for us to circle the pigeons.

Fanie says the pigeons look great and we will see how the break has affected the fitness of the pigeons before heading back to the road. So a big sigh of relief for our side and we are glad we are moving forward again.

Greetings from a cold and wet Cape Town.
Fanie, Gert and Robert

2015 Information And Updates

05 August 2015
It has come to my attention that there are people who believe that there are stray birds at the loft. Will you please inform them that no stray birds are allowed in the loft because of fears of infection the birds are counted every day and on the latest scan no stray birds were found. In the event that any birds do trap they go into the hospital fly where they are fed and rested for a day or two. After that I put a phone sticker with my no on them and give them a short toss. Very few of them return and if they do I toss them again.After that they move on. Birds that return from previous years are checked and if not claimed after a month they are given away. If any birds from previous years are reported as escaped we keep the phone no handy and notify the owner on arrival .

Greetings  Fanie
Tel no 0724261890