Dear all;

There appears to be many rumors going around from the uninformed that SANPO (South Africa National Pigeon Organisation) are in the process of designing its own ETS Clocking system,  with its own Software and own ETS rings.

Please note that nothing is more removed from the truth than these rumours.

SANPO has engaged dialogue with ETS OEMs about its proposed change in policy as well as requesting feedback.

None of SANPO Council members nor the SANPO clock committee members are involved with any facet pertaining to the Development,  Retail,  Sale, of any ETS Equipment other than those serving on the committee in other portfolios who are agents for already approved FCI ETS systems – even then these members are in no way involved in the ETS Clock Committee.   SANPO has a strict policy that no Member serving on a committee will have vested interests associated with the particular Committee.

SANPO strictly subscribes to the fact that all ETS available in South Africa need to be first approved by FCI even before being tested by SANPO regarding South African Racing conditions and requirements.

It should be noted that SANPO has also been in dialogue with aspirant manufacturers of ETS systems to ascertain progress on their developments,    however in no way whatsoever is SANPO,  the writer or its Council members involved in such activity.

SANPO remains interested in all new developments worldwide on these timing devices and would welcome any information updates from ETS OEMs.

I trust that should you ever hear of such rumors,  this be regarded as unsubstantiated,  false and to be rejected as rumour mongering.

Trust SANPOs positions is clear on this matter.

Should you have any questions pertaining to this please do not hesitate to contact the sender.

Yours in sport
Shane Gerber
SANPO Clock Committee Chairman